Innovative and strong

Since the founding of WALLMEDIEN, our standard has remained the same — for the purchaser and the supplier, connecting the economically sensible with the technically feasible!

Technical progress in recent years has greatly changed many areas in professional purchasing. Through the employment of electronic procurement systems, companies are able to design their purchasing process in a manner that is increasingly more efficient, and as a consequence are able to realize enormous cost reductions. As an effect on the contribution to the company, these new processes also make clear the tremendous importance of the purchasing process in terms of strategy.

WALLMEDIEN sets technological standards

In the SAP environment, WALLMEDIEN’s solutions form a standard in electronic procurement. WALLMEDIEN develops and operates concepts for the automation of processes in operational and strategic purchasing. Custom-made solutions are implemented on the basis of standard software for advertisements, auctions, procure-to-pay processes, document exchange, supplier portals, etc. WALLMEDIEN solutions are in use around the world. Customers include internationally operating companies, and likewise successful small- and medium-sized companies.

WALLMEDIEN at a glance

  • Founding:
  • 1997
  • Headquarters:
  • Paderborn, Germany
  • Branch Office:
  • New York, USA & Hong Kong, China
  • Employees:
  • > 80
  • Customers:
  • > 100
  • Suppliers:
  • > 60,000 world-wide
  • Procurement Volume:  
  • > 12 billion Euros p.a.
  • Orders:
  • > 4 million p. a.