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Three new white papers available for download

The first three installments in the "Easier eProcurement: The Usability Use Cases," white paper series are now available for download. Intended to highlight specific, practical solutions to some of the more vexing eProcurement challenges that contribute to much lower than hoped system adoption - the key barrier to fully realizing eProcurement savings and benefits - each installment will focus on a particular area of opportunity for users of eProcurement solutions.


The first, titled "Spot-On Spot Buys: Reeling in Off-Catalog Requisitions," demonstrates how Quote-to-Cart functionality can help ensure that "off-catalog" requisitions (e.g. items not found in the supplier catalogs), which often account for as much as 1/3 of total requisitions, are processed within the eProcurement system.


The second installment “Simple Services Procurement: Increase Spend Coverage and Savings Now” - benchmarking studies have shown that Indirect Services can account for as much as 2/3 of total Indirect Spending, yet much of this spend is not being captured within the eProcurement system, leading to non-compliant or “maverick” spend and limited visibility.


The third installment, "Let’s Go To The e-Mall: The Advantages of a Provider-Managed e-Mall” explains how using a provider-managed e-Mall (aka e-Marketplace) to provide a single point of access to supplier’s catalogs, punchout sites and order management systems accelerates both user and supplier adoption. Studies have shown that most Best-in-Class eProcurement performers use provider-managed e-Malls (basically outsourcing supplier enablement), while most “laggards” do it themselves.


Look for the next installment of "Easier eProcurement: The Usability Use Cases" in November.

Click on the links below to download (no registration required):

1. Spot-On Spot Buys-Reeling in Off-Catalog Requisitions

2. Simple Services Procurement-Increase Spend Coverage and Savings Now

3. The Advantages of a Provider-Managed e-Mall

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